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I love my fiance and I love my drums

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

you and I are like a tongue and a bug.

dear marci,

It is nearly a week later since my last post. 6 days have gone by and you've only felt ok for like 8 hours of that. you've only eaten 2 pieces of toast, maybe a little cpt crunch, a little bit of dinner at your relatives home, a bit of frosty, mayybe some peanut butter cup ice cream :), and lots of advil, zofran, promethazine, and now some predisone, and miracle mouth wash whiiich im not sure if you actually swallow, maybe you should for the calories? oh, and 2 IV's. You've thrown up more time than the number of fingers and toes that i have, and your body hurts worse than when you punch me in the goods (extreme pain). You've been too ill to leave that empty room which is depriving you of the prolly beautiful spring weather outside :( , the window in the room is too dirty to even see out. Annie is the for taking you out for some fresh air the one time though. Your tonsils are the size of my grandma's lemons, your skin is turning yellow, and youve probably got bandaids on where the IVs went through you. But you know what? I love you. I love you sooooooooooo much. I bet if I saw those tonsils I'd think they are sexy b/c they are part of you and i love every single thing about you. So you have yellow skin or eyes? big deal...I have a hairy bum, suffer from an abnormal amount of boogers, and have an unusual friend named Garbonzo. errr maybe i shouldn't say anymore. But seriously, youre the most beautiful girl in the whole world and I wish i could be with you sooo bad. I'd give you big giant bear hugs until your skin returned to it's original navajo color and do starting contests with you until your sclera was as white as a pearl and your iris was as green as a leprechaun's hat. i dont know what that's the first green thing that pops into my head?
I can't wait, and i know you cant, til you have gotten over this mono. if mono was a tangible object, liiiike say it was a watermelon b/c you hate watermelon. I would take that watermelon and a nuclear bomb (i'd have to ask easton where to get one b/c he has done a research project on it) and strap it to a missle. I'd launch that missle into outerspace then detonate the bomb. the watermelon aka mono would explode into 14.5 trillion pieces of pieces of matter, seriously just like subatomic particles in which there would be no stinkin epstein barr virus left on them. Then i'd create a HUGE blackhole near those 14.5 trillion pieces of matter and have the blackhole eat them and it would be gone fooorever and ever and ever. the end. ugh, i hate mono :( . Do i have permission to turn your mono in a watermelon darlin? plzzzzzzzz.
You're going to make it through and past this sickness and you and I are going to get married, and we are going to have a blast in costa rica, and we are both going to go to school, and we'll work a little bit, and we'll have lots of babies and you'll be the happiest person in the whole world. k? Let's stick to that plan like a chameleon's tongue to a bug. i love chu.

*lionslothwhale + manateeslothwhale = love :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Asante sana Squash Banana

crumb crumbey crumb crumbley. Do you want to hear something crumbey? Well to be honest its much worse than crumbey. Perhaps the word melancholy would be better? No, how about uber suxor. yesh, i will tell you something that is uber suxor. well, my beautiful fiance is back to being 1 million miles away from me it seems and she is soooo sick. Like high concentration of urochrome sick. Dehydrated, starving, nauseous, fever, and ach(e?)ing sick. And I can hardly do didly-squat being so far away and it sucks :( . I can't even make the run to get saltienes and sprite. or make chicken noodle soup, or get a heating pad, or dote, or watch lion king together.

23 days

I can't wait until 23 days when i wont be forced to be such a delinquent. Then I can actually whip up some wheat bread and butter, or cheese and mustard, or any other crazy combination that might be delicious and help Marci feel bettter. Well Marci, since I can't do much I fiiigured I'd give you somefrin to do. Since I dont have any video editing software that works for my drum videos I get to choose some saweeet music videos already made. I hope you like them a whole bunch cuz i really really like them. I love you Marci. get feeling better like riiight

the live quality of this next one isn't soo great buuut I loove this song if you want to listen to it on like purevolume or something....and i thought you and the drummer have very similar drumming styles towards the end :) .

"emo love" baby.

memorize dis :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This might be painful

Marci, don't hate me for this. So Saosin is probably your number one hated band in the entire world besides Miley Cirus aka Metric so I had a long, internal struggle about whether to cover a Saosin song. However, since their drummer blows my mind throughout every single song he plays and I always try to play along to him, I thought i'd spend some time learning this one. Plus, no one has covered it yet on Youtube so I thought I'd be a pioneer like many of our ancestors :) . So consider me a pioneer and a person with a bad taste in music buuut I had a fun time learning this one. ennnnjoi it if you can :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm not too worried about the future...actually i'm really excited for it

Do you want to know something really interesting? Marci dawn nielson is EM YOU ES EYE SEA AYE EL! k, so not only did she rock the sax back in hike school but she also did choir for 3 years! 1st chair Soprano, bam, legit. She tickles the ivories, plays the guitar...or has one atleast :) keep practicin babe. She freeeakin rocks the tamborine. I've seen her play the tamborine not only on stage at a bar, but in a fancy brazilian restaurant full of people. chyeah, impressive. On top of all of this, she can play the drums! That's right. well it's a work in progress. but, in the near future she will be playing this song that i covered today. Sooo really, instead of seeing me beatin on those things, imagine Marci slaying those drum heads like its nbd....cuz she will be. I love her guts and she is amazing. Enjoy

Friday, November 27, 2009

I've been sleeping in parking lots

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am on the freight train

Last night Aaron Farrelly and I went and saw Michael Angelo Batio perform. He is the epitome of shred metal....obviously. Someday, I will be in a band exactly like this. Just off the top of my head i'm thinkin I need Easton to shred the guitar bc I've seen him play rock band and he owns. For the singer, I don't know any guys with that much crazy hair so i'm voting Marci, you take the singer spot. And yes you have to be able to shatter a glass with your vocals. Oh yah, RT has been in a band, you are definetely in, don't even need to try out. Who else wants to join?